Monday, August 25, 2008

Mall of Georgia

We went down to Georgia so Lori could go an a womens retreat with her sister white water rafting on the Occoee River. While she was away Joel and I got to watch all the kids plus 5 more from the Bethea family. It wasn't as hard as it sounds they pretty much watched each other. We watched movies and played Wii all night and then went to the Mall of Georgia so the kids could play and we could get something to eat. On the way out we met Ivory Latta, the greatest female Carolina basketball player of all time. Jordan got to take a picture with her and it was a great thrill for me.


Mamasita said...

Love the pics!!

You need to put a subscribe button on your blog so that I know when y'all update it.

When you all gonna come back in town?

Jill Vaughan said...

Two dads and how many kids?? Man I'm impressed and you even took them out.